Over the latest decades the dramatic increase in consumption has seriously raised the issue of resource management, environmental protection and pollution, especially air pollution mainly caused by the so-called greenhouse gases.

Wood, which is nowadays mostly used for the production of pallets, being wrongly exploited and managed, is a resource at risk of exhaustion. In fact, the reduction of forest areas leads to a decrease of the absorption capacity of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, which the Kyoto Protocol attempted to reduce.

As a result of the worldwide increasing energy demand, fossil fuel (oil) is also a resource which is nearing depletion.
A range of only 50 years has been estimated. Waste is the eternal problem of our planet and their reuse is not always possible or affordable.

Green plastic pallet is a practical philosophy conceived to respond to both the environmental problems of raw resources exploitation and limiting the production of industrial waste.

Indeed, not a single tree is chopped down for its production, or a kilogram of oil in the form of virgin plastic is used. The overall worldwide balance on gas emissions is not affected and no waste is generated, as the pallet itself can be completely recycled at the end of its lifetime.