Custom Plastic Pallets: aspects and advantages of Cloris's pallets


1. How are products of the Green Plastic Pallets
2. Features and Benefits of Plastic Pallets
3. In summary...

How are products of the Green Plastic Pallets

The greens plastic pallets Cloris are produced with innovative machinery injection molding at low pressure that have been conceived precisely for the use of raw materials coming from recycling. In fact, this process involves the use of waste plastic in nature also inhomogeneous and with minimal machining so that they can be made suitable for the molding of the plastic pallets green. There are in fact the costly steps of drawing and filtering as in the previous case contribute to the leavening of the value of the raw material. The greens plastic pallets made ??with this technique are produced with 100% recycled raw materials and once damaged appear to be easily recyclable within the same production process that is damaged with a plastic pallet is obtained a plastic pallet again without the need of use of additives or the addition of new raw materials. The result is a 100% green process which uses raw materials otherwise destined for disposal for the production of manufactured low-cost eco-friendly and environmentally friendly - the green plastic pallets.

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Features and Benefits of Plastic Pallets

The result is a pallet of mixed plastics, which meet the modern needs of the market by offering the maximum benefits. The green plastic pallets is smart, tough, lightweight, hygienic, environmentally friendly, recyclable, durable, but also economically and environmentally compatible with the environment. Another important aspect is the possibility for Cloris to build pallets, plastic pallets through the use of custom components in green plastic PO - 100% recycled. The technical PALLET Cloris implements projects based on customer specifications. The greatest benefit relative to the realization of plastic pallets to measure is given by the fact that the realization of the pallets to measure not the customer pours the burden of the purchase of expensive molds for the production of plastic pallets.

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In summary

For the production of green plastic pallets:
EVERY TREE IS CUT contributing to the protection of vegetation;
NO CONSUMPTION OF OIL as the green plastic pallet is made exclusively from reclaimed resources;
NO GREENHOUSE GAS because the production process does not emit into the atmosphere with greenhouse gas emissions.
Again the green plastic pallets protect air quality and the environment in general;
NO WASTE PRODUCTION In compliance with environmental regulations, particular attention has been reported in the reduction of waste production.

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