A new business partnership to provide a complete answer to the world of logistics



Udine 10 october 2011


CARR SERVICE, leaders in Friuli Venezia Giulia in the supply and servicing of forklifts on the market with an entrenched and well-established sales network with more than 3.000 customers on a regional and Cloris PALLETS , a company specializing in providing of "plastic pallets new generation" have joined forces through a new marketing partnership with the goal of providing the market with a complete response in the field of logistics and freight handling.

The agreement is part of a wider project to supply chain to meet the needs of customers with complete solutions that depart from and arrive to industrial shelving for storing pallets of goods through the use of forklifts CARR SERVICEfor their handling.


The new generation of plastic pallets " PALLET Cloris" They perform well and with structural characteristics such as to ensure strength and durability with maximum lightness.

Compared to traditional wooden pallets, the pallets plastic of the new generation are able to absorb the vibrations, they do not produce splinters in case of breakage, do not have nails, there is no need for maintenance which are perfectly safe for use by staff in addition to non-absorption of moisture. Moreover, because of their characteristics, the plastic pallets do not retain parasites, molds, bacteria and are therefore suitable for intercontinental transport in accordance with current regulations FAO ISPM-15 (it does not require any treatment to be made ​​suitable for shipping).


Innovation is also artificial intelligence in the product pallet. The plastic pallets Cloris can be easily fitted with microchip tags based on RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) capable of storing all the information considered useful by the customer, both as regards the products deposited on the pallet, both for the management of the stores and of the related inventory of the goods deposited on pallets.


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