The image of a company is measured not only on the quality of goods produced, but also on the types of packaging used for their handling and distribution. Companies invest a lot about the quality of products marketed and the elegance of plastic pallets Cloris contribute to elevate the image value to the product. The process technology used allows the study of customized products according to specific customer needs. In particular, one can obtain personalized aesthetic and functional performance, in particular, can be imprinted on pallets logos and brands. In addition, Cloris pallets are designed to follow the evolution of information systems for managing information about products and goods, making them adaptable to the specific needs of business management. The green plastic pallets Cloris, on request, be provided with the application of RFID microchips for their computerized management. Ever, it is believed that the technology of radio frequency identification is a new concept of use of pallets for the better management of the goods. The product can be considered the evolution of the species, we are moving towards a new generation destined to evolve into an intelligent overall management of goods and in particular the storage and handling on both internal and in dispatch and destination, providing the pallet an intelligent device in its own interactive feature.