Appropriate design technique has maximized the physical properties and performance of the product made according to the plastic material used. The computing technology that is commonly adopted for the study of special plastic allows to obtain prior to their realization, a model of the pallet highly performance as a function of the plastics used. It is estimated that the average life of the plastic pallets than one in wood is by far much higher, of about 8-10 times, without the need to make any intervention or maintenance and, at the end of the life cycle, is fully recyclable through his return in the same production process by extrusion and ristampaggio of a new product. The plastic pallet, unlike the traditional wooden pallets, can be realized in different types both with regard to the size that the flow rate. In fact, they are produced on the basis of existing standards, but can also be made ​​with shapes and / or specific flow according to the needs of the customer.